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Crawfordsville Artist’s Catchy Song Goes Viral

Crawfordsville Artist’s Catchy Song Goes Viral

Crawfordsville Country artist John Stevens Jr’s song “She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me” has garnered the attention of local media, news programs, and social network feeds. Since he posted the video on Youtube on January 21st, it has received more than 42,000 views.

John said his girlfriend is a big Peyton Manning fan, and “It’s always Peyton, Peyton, Peyton..”, as the song goes. The song was just a joke that quickly turned into an internet sensation. A friend had an iPad and recorded John playing his new tune. He posted the video on his Facebook page, and it started getting “likes” and “shares” immediately. With assistance from Eric Barr at Red Rooster Radio, John then posted an enhanced version of the same video on YouTube, where it is receiving a lot of attention.  From News stations in Denver and Indianapolis, to online news organizations to the Colts Facebook page, the song is getting star treatment.  With so many views there are over a thousand “Thumbs Up” and only 8 “Thumbs Down”. We here at Red Rooster Radio give it a resounding Two Thumbs Up! It’s a catchy little tune that sticks with you!

On Tuesday, January 28th, John posted a follow-up video to tell the world why he really wants Peyton to hear his song. It seems about 15 years ago John had an opportunity to play for Peyton one evening at Kelly’s Pub II near the Colts practice complex. As John set up, he asked Peyton what he would like to hear. Peyton requested Kenny Chesney. As John set up, he realized his guitar was dead. Nothing through the PA. As John struggled to get his equipment working, Peyton got up, nodded toward John and left, thus ending John’s opportunity to play for Peyton. It’s not hard to imagine John wanting another chance to play for Peyton, and this viral track may be his ticket. So Peyton, we hope you get a chance to hear the anthem made just for your biggest fans. Congrats, John! We hope this is your opportunity to get the rest of your music out there for the world to hear!

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January 29th, 2014

1 Comment

One Comment

  1. Beverly Kersey says:

    I would love for Peyton Manning to hear this song. It is fantastic and very true with a lot of women! I love Peyton Manning and I am crazy about this song. I have it on my ringtone now. Could you make this happen for Mr. Stevens!

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